Make/Model: Peavey Milestone III
Name: Clarabelle
Projects: Tqop, Liquid Direction
Clarabelle was eventually broken down and used for a homemade project, Patience.
Make/Model: Ibanez Ergodyne EDA900
Name: Lisa
Projects: Hey Essé, Nobodies Heroes, The Eddies
Lisa is still part of the T-Bass family.
Make/Model: Fender Precision (Imitation)
Name: Agnes
Projects: The Eddies
Agnes (imitation of picture) was purchased as a heavy, low end replacement and used primarily during projects with The Eddies. As such, she was subjected to a lot of heavy duty events and has long since joined the top of the beautiful wood-chip mountain.
Make/Model: Bass Collection Power Bass
Name: Mandy
Projects: Hey Essé
With a custom scratch plate, courtesy of ‘Syke’, Mandy is Tirwins current weapon of choice and features heavily in funk and hip-hop projects.
Make/Model: Custom T-Bass
Name: Patience
Projects: Meraki
Made from reconditioned pieces, Patience is a 4 string fretless and the first home project of Tirwin. With that recovered neck from Clarabelle and a new collection of hardware, Patience is made up of many recycled parts. Hand sprayed, she is the first home project completed by Tirwin.
*N.B* Although Tirwin is credited most frequently as a bassist, he is also accomplished on various other musical instruments. This page contains details of his current bass collection but does not include details of the additional instruments included in the collection.
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