Tirwin was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, July 1986. Son of a soldier and a carer he was brought up to look after himself and others under any circumstance.

Tirwin began writing poetry from a very young age. English teachers and parents would praise his work as intelligent, abstract and often controversial. As a result he was frequently encouraged to seek publishing in local magazines and newspapers.

At the age of 16, he set out to find a place for himself where he could begin to apply more layers to the words he wrote. His Mum gathered a little money together and bought him his first bass guitar, Clarabelle, a navy blue Peavey Milestone III.

Tirwin now lives in Dundee, Scotland (UK), and is a father to two beautiful little boys. Recognised as a reliable and skilled writer and session musician, Tirwin works alongside various local bands and artists to provide frequent new additions to a vibrant music scene.

Amongst other things Tirwin has been known to offer appearances on guitar and vocals, to create small works of art, to scale cliffs and on occasion launch himself off them into rivers. He has rafted white waters, snowboarded white mountains, swam in blue oceans and once set himself on fire.

Tirwin likes colour, energy, positivity and daring. He appreciates his friends, his family, his privacy and the understanding and time others have offered him. Tirwin is proud of his past, enthusiastic about his future and absolutely loving the present.

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